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2014 FFF Symposium


Advance of Large Molecule Separation and Characterization

“Taking Advantage of Sub-2um Particles for Size-Exclusion UPLC Analysis of Biomolecules”
Leslie Mann, Waters Corp.
“System and Software Considerations for UPLC Size Exclusion Chromatography of Proteins”
Edward Aig, Waters Corp.
“Multi-angle Light Scattering Goes Micro”
Eric Seymour, Wyatt Technology Guest Speaker
“Higher Order Structure Characterization of Biologic Therapeutics”
Dr. Jason Cheung, Merck & Co.

Social: 6:30pm Dinner: 6:45pm Seminar: 7:00pm

Sponsored by: Waters Corp. & Wyatt Technology ’


Time: 630 - 7pm 

Date: Monday, Nov. 17, 2014 

 Place: DoubleTree Hotel, Somerset, NJ 

Cost: $5

(FT students & un-employed free)




GTC Bio's 2nd Protein Expression, Purification and Characterization Conference   

If you are attending this event, be sure to catch the talk by Daniel Some, Wyatt's Principle Scientist and Director of Marketing, titled "Biophysical characterization of proteins throughout the R&D pipeline: the light scattering toolbox", in the session on "Protein Analytical Tools & Computational Methods"

Time: 10:55 am

Date: Oct. 24, 2014 

Place: Hyatt Regency, Boston, MA




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