Wyatt Technology

Lionel Rouzic

Manager, Wyatt Technology France

Lionel RouzicLionel Rouzic is an Applications Engineer for France, Spain, Portugal, and Regional Manager for Spain and Portugal, responsible for customer support across the Southern part of France, Spain and Portugal. He received his Chemical Engineer diploma from the Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Chimie de Rennes in France, as well as a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Northern Iowa under the advisory of Professor Ed Brown, where his work focused on miniaturizing a method to test for the biodegradability of oil samples. After working with electronic noses, near infra-red spectrophotometer, and online particle sizing instrumentation in the USA, he returned to Europe as Sales Manager of Wave Biotech Europe (later bought by GE Healthcare). After a brief time helping a biotech start-up in San Sebastian, Spain, he joined Wyatt Technology France to provide technical and application support to customers in his territory as well as sales support when needed.



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Wyatt Technology is the recognized leader in light scattering instrumentation and software for determining the absolute molar mass, size, charge and interactions of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution.

Wyatt's line of multi-angle static light scattering products couple to size exclusion chromatography (SEC-MALS), field-flow fractionation (FFF-MALS), and stop-flow composition-gradient systems (CG-MALS). Our dynamic light scattering (DLS) products operate in traditional cuvette as well as on-line and automated, high-throughput modes. We also offer unique instruments for electrophoretic light scattering (MP-PALS), differential refractometry, and differential viscosity.

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