Thomas Scheuermann, Ph.D

Midwest Regional Manager & Senior Applications Scientist

Thomas Scheuermann is the Senior Applications Scientist and Regional Manager for Wyatt Technology, providing technical, application, and sales support for the Midwest. Thomas’ academic work concerned the structure, internal dynamics, and ligand binding properties of proteins, using biophysical tools such as NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, ITC, and light scattering. Highlights include structure determination of the chemotherapy drug metabolizing enzyme TPMT (mentors Michael Hodsdon and Elias Lolis, Yale University) and as a postdoctoral fellow (mentor Kevin Gardner, UT Southwestern Medical Center) identifying a druggable ligand binding site for the HIF-2a protein – a critical driver of some kidney and brain cancers. A small molecule inhibitor identified in this project is under commercial development and is being evaluated in Phase II Clinical trials.

These basic research efforts transitioned into application support roles with the UT Southwestern biophysics core facility and GE Healthcare, before joining the Wyatt Technology team in early 2018. Thomas strives to make the best match between technology, application, and scientist and enabling teams to better and more efficiently pursue their goals.