Robert P. Collins

Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager

Bob graduated from Tufts University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and earned a position in GE's Edison Engineering Development Program in the Aerospace Instruments Division, with assignments in the new product development group, engine monitoring system computers. Following his tenure at GE he consulted at the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center, authoring and analyzing business plans for a wide variety of businesses. He received an MBA from the University of New Hampshire, and was a finalist in the UNH Paul J. Holloway Jr. Prize for Entrepreneurship. Bob then joined and turned around a struggling start-up scientific instrumentation company in Charlottesville, VA – Protein Solutions, manufacturer of the DynaPro dynamic light scattering technology. Bob's lucky break was joining Wyatt Technology with its acquisition of Proterion Corporation, where he was V.P. of Product Management of the DynaPro, Aviv Circular Dichroism and Plasmon Waveguide Resonance spectroscopy instruments.

Currently, Bob is responsible for the sales and support of the growing number of Wyatt products and customers in the Mid-Atlantic Region. He thoroughly enjoys working on the frontier of new products and markets, introducing Wyatt's innovative technologies to the regional market, determining which instruments best match customer requirements, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction with all of Wyatt's products.