A new type of resource: Key Publication Lists

In addition to our extensive library of application notes and white papers, the Bibliography is a great resource to gain a better understanding of how Wyatt instruments can be utilized for characterizing specific types of analytes. However, with so many peer-reviewed publications available, it can be overwhelming and unclear how to get started.

Our newest type of literature, Key Publication Lists, are designed to direct you to the essential publications in specific fields. The lists may be found in the relevant application note pages and tabs, in the top-most “White Paper” section, as seen here in the screen capture. These documents list journal articles and book chapters that provide the foundations for applications of light scattering, field-flow fractionation and other technologies offered by Wyatt, in each field. The papers are usually authored by experts who are deeply familiar with both the technology and the field of application.

The first publication lists we have released pertain to the uses of FFF-MALS-DLS characterization of nano-drug/gene delivery systems such as liposomes, viruses, virus-like particles and exosomes (PL2609) and FFF-MALS-ICP-MS applications in environmental and food sciences (PL2610) – just visit www.wyatt.com/AppNotes/FFF-MALS to find them. They include basic methods and protocols, validation and comparison with other technologies, and in-depth studies in each sub-field.

Another set of publication lists pertain to CG-MALS characterization of self-association (PL3010) and hetero-association (PL3011). A separate list highlights patent applications that make use of CG-MALS, in particular for characterizing biotherapeutics (PL3012).

As the Key Publication List library grows, you can expect to find lists dedicated to diverse topics such as SEC-MALS characterization of medical polysaccharides, uses of automated DLS for optimizing biotherapeutic formulations, or SEC-MALS-IV analysis of branched polymers.

Which are your favorite essential light scattering papers? We would love to include them in a Key Publications List, and welcome you to share them with us via marketing@wyatt.com.