Maryland Light Scattering AAV & LNP Workshop

Join us at the Hilton Rockville Hotel & Executive Meeting Center!


Wyatt's regional light scattering workshops are a great opportunity to meet and interact with other scientists who utilize Wyatt light scattering instruments, to review the “basics” of light scattering and dive into gene therapy applications. Come join us for a refresher on biophysical characterization using light scattering, pick up some tips and tricks, discover what’s new, and spend some quality time with Wyatt staff. Learn the capabilities of light scattering and how these methods can complement your existing suite of analytical tools. Registration is free for this event. Breakfast, coffee, and lunch are provided.

Topics covered:
  • Multi-Attribute Quantification (MAQ) of AAVs, with DLS, SEC-MALS, and FFF-MALS
  • LNP and Nanoparticle (MAQ) of LNP’s, with DLS, PALS, SEC-MALS, RT-MALS, and FFF-MALS
  • AAV analysis from empty capsid to unknown Vg/Cp
  • LNP analysis from empty to unknowns
  • Tips and tricks for MALS analysis
  • Q&A and individual consultations with Wyatt Technology scientists
Who should attend:
  • Active users of Wyatt light scattering instruments seeking to engage with regional colleagues around similar analytical challenges and wish to learn more about advanced topics related to Wyatt instruments and software.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about light scattering and its applications to AAV & LNP analysis.
Date: April 19, 2023
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: Rockville, MD

Registration is free. Continental breakfast and lunch are provided.