Mid-Atlantic Polymer & Nanoparticle User Meeting

April 2018 Meeting was held in Philadelphia, PA

  • Christopher Rasmussen, DuPont de Nemours & Co.
    "High Throughput SEC: Polymer Insight and Method Validation using MALS"

  • Yejia Li, Ashland Specialty Ingredients
    "Absolute Molecular Weight Analysis of Commercial Polymers by Relative SEC Using a Different Type of Polymer as Standard"

September 2016 Meeting was held in Wilmington, DE

  • Martin Nosowitz, Arkema Inc.
    "An Automated System to Collect Data for Zimm Plots"

  • John Van Druff, Fina Biosolutions
    "Development of a Mathematical Model for the Microfluidization of Biopolymers"

September 2014 Meeting was held in Wilmington, DE

  • Wei Gao, Dow Chemical
    "Probing the TiO2-Polymer Composite Formation for a New Class of Latex Paint by AF4-MALS"

  • Jeffrey Clogston, Leidos Biomedical Research
    "Application of Light Scattering Techniques for Nanoparticle Characterization"

  • Dennis Leung, Merck & Co.
    "High-Throughput Tools for Optimizing Drug Nanosuspension Formulations"

  • Anne Galyean, UNC School of Global Public Health
    "A Separation Metric using Light Scattering to Optimize AF4 Separations of Polydisperse Nanoparticles"

  • Kathryn Killops, US Army RDECOM
    "Cationic Surfmers and Block Copolymers for Emulsion Polymerization"

The meeting was written up nicely by Gerald Poirer of University of Delaware Advanced Materials Characterization Lab. Click here to read. Thank you, Gerald!

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