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The role of electrostatics in protein-protein interactions of a monoclonal antibody

Antibody formulation stability is strongly affected by intermolecular interactions. In this article, researchers used static, dynamic, and electrophoretic light scattering to assess molecular contributions to protein-protein interactions, including excluded volume repulsion, electrostatic attraction, and other short and long range forces. The Calypso and miniDAWN TREOS enabled them to measure the second virial coefficient (A2 or B22) as a function of pH and ionic strength. The diffusion interaction parameter (kD) was measured under the same conditions via dynamic light scattering using the DynaPro Plate Reader. These values were then correlated to the electrophoretic mobility measured by electrophoretic light scattering in the Möbiuζ.

Roberts, D.; Keeling, R.; Tracka, M.; van der Walle, C.F.; Uddin, S.; Warwicker, J.; Curtis, R. Molecular Pharmaceutics  2014, 11, 2475–2489. doi:10.1021/mp5002334



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