Analysis of polysaccharide and proteinaceous macromolecules in beer using asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation

Wyatt instrumentation (Eclipse 3+, DAWN HELEOS II and Optilab T-rEX) was used to detect the presence of proteins and polysaccharides in beer that are the result of the brewing process. While the presence of some of these brewing 'by-products' is desirable due to their contribution to foaming and palatability, excessive and/or unwanted proteins and polysaccharides can contribute to the undesirable formation of beer haze or increase viscosity or turbidity of the beer. AF4 analysis, in conjunction with UV/MALS/dRI, of beer samples taken at any point in the production process is shown to be a very practical, relevant and promising analytical tool for the beer-making industry.

Tügel, I.; Runyon, J. R.; Galindo, F. G.; Nilsson, L. Journal of the Institute of Brewing  2015, 121, 44-48. doi:10.1002/jib.195