Multi-Angle News – August 2017


DLS Enhances Productivity of Small-Molecule Drug Discovery

Screening compound libraries for potential binders to target proteins is a complex process, subject to spurious ‘hits’ that can lead to loss of time and money. The Shoichet lab has employed dynamic light scattering with the DynaPro DLS Plate Reader II to identify and prevent one source of false positives, known as ‘promiscuous inhibitors’.

"The flexibility afforded by the DAWN HELEOS II is essential in allowing us to characterize absolute molecular weight of the diverse range of polymers we study at UMN, from proteins to polyolefins.”

Three Generations Under One Roof

Spenser Wyatt is Wyatt Technology’s latest summer intern. He joins his father, uncle and grandfather in pursuit of light scattering excellence.

Silver Seal of Quality Awarded for DAWN HELEOS II

Following in the footsteps of the SelectScience Reviewers' Choice ‘Instrument of the Year’ Award, the DAWN HELEOS II has received another accolade: the Silver Seal of Quality. SelectScience extends the Seal of Quality to less than 0.1% of the thousands of products reviewed on their site. Wyatt is very pleased to be one of the few to receive this recognition.

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