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Eclipse ChannelsThe Eclipse FFF separation systems offer the most versatile separation channel technology. There are four different channel types plus the hollow-fiber (HF5) cartridge available to accommodate different requirements for sample load, analysis time, and resolution, as well as a wide choice of spacers and pre-cut membranes for all channel types.

All channels have a metal-free flow path, making them inert even in harsh conditions. The frit-inlet channel is shown with a cross-section displaying from bottom to top the lower PEEK-block, the frit, membrane and polycarbonate upper plate which is placed in an aluminum frame. The frit supporting the membrane is made from stainless steel, which is the most robust choice. As an option, a metal free ceramic frit can be installed.

All channel types are easy to maintain. Replacing a membrane or cleaning the channel parts is straightforward, with just a few screws to tighten during the reassembly process.

  • Short Channel (SC 145 mm length)
  • Long Channel (LC, 275 mm length)
  • Semi-Preparative Channel (SP, 45 mm width, 275 mm length)
  • Frit-inlet Channel (FI-AF4)
  • Hollow-Fiber FFF Cartridge (HF5)

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