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Möbiuζ Dip Cell

Mobius Dip CellAn alternative to the high-pressure Möbiuζ flow cell is the Möbiuζ Dip Cell which facilitates convenient manual measurements.

As with the flow cell, the dip cell affords simultaneous mobility and size measurements in order to determine zeta potential or charge while monitoring potential degradation of the sample under an applied electric field.

The dip cell requires only 65 µL of solution under typical conditions. With the WyattQELS module, dynamic light scattering can be performed simultaneously with mobility measurements!

The Möbiuζ Dip Cell is optimal for:

  • All nanoparticles (unless DLS is required and Rh > 200 nm)
  • Proteins and other macromolecules
  • Low conductivity samples not requiring the Atlas pressurization system
  • Manual sample handling, when automation (autosampler, titrator, etc.) is not available
  • Quick testing before setting up automated, multi-sample methods


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