SATA Drive Firmware Updater

As a part of our ongoing effort to provide the highest quality products, we have identified an important update to the firmware running the onboard computer SATA drive in some Wyatt instruments. If you have received an email asking you to update the SATA drive of your instrument, please download the utility SATAFirmwareUpdater.exe to a PC connected to your instrument.

Note: If an antivirus-related issue arises when downloading or using this utility, please work with your organization’s IT department to whitelist the SATAFirmwareUpdater.exe executable file.

Once you have downloaded the utility follow these instructions in the SATA Drive Firmware Updater Guide.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are happy to assist with the process.

We appreciate if you can let us know once you have run the utility for our records. Thank you.

Your Wyatt Customer Support Team