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Dierk Roessner, Ph.D.

Managing Director

Dierk Roessner graduated from the Department for Macromolecular and Technical Chemistry at University Hamburg. He and his adviser studied the structure-property-relationships of renewable resources for various applications. The main focus was on renewable polymers like derivates of starch and cellulose. But too not-modified polymers like Dextran or Xanthan were studied. The properties ofthese polymers were studied for applications like blood plasma expander, enhanced oil recovery and flocculation of sediments. During his studies Dierk Roessner focused on SEC-MALS and FFF-MALS for the characterization of complex polymer solutions.

Dierk Roessner joined Wyatt in 1995. At the beginning he worked together with Philip Wyatt and David Shortt to establish Field-Flow Fractionation at Wyatt Technology Corp. in Santa Barbara. Later he joined Wyatt Technology Europe and worked in a technical office in Hamburg, later in Pfaffenhofen/Bavaria. 2004 Dierk Roessner moved to the Wyatt Technology Europe headquarters and became Team Leader of the Application Scientists.

Since 2014 he is Scientific Sales Director. His focus has been the scientific support of potential and current users of Light Scattering (MALS and DLS) and Field-Flow Fractionation (Eclipse®) instrumentation. His academic and professional experience has allowed him to obtain an extensive understanding of various possible MALS, DLS as well as Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) applications for Protein, Biopolymer and Polymer applications.



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Wyatt Technology is the recognized leader in light scattering instrumentation and software for determining the absolute molar mass, size, charge and interactions of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution.

Wyatt's line of multi-angle static light scattering products couple to size exclusion chromatography (SEC-MALS), field-flow fractionation (FFF-MALS), and stop-flow composition-gradient systems (CG-MALS). Our dynamic light scattering (DLS) products operate in traditional cuvette as well as on-line and automated, high-throughput modes. We also offer unique instruments for electrophoretic light scattering (MP-PALS), differential refractometry, and differential viscosity.

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