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SEC Columns for Multi-Angle Light Scattering.

In order to achieve the best sensitivity a Wyatt DAWN or miniDAWN MALS detectors can offer, and to improve productivity, it is vital to find a SEC column that will cease shedding particles after the shortest period of time. Wyatt's SEC columns are guaranteed to provide optimal light scattering measurements.

Multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detection, combined with size exclusion chromatography (SEC), is an indispensible tool for protein characterization. Applications of SEC-MALS include determination of the oligomeric state of a protein, quantification of protein aggregation, and determination of protein conjugate stoichiometry.

Wyatt Technology has developed a family of silica-based columns specifically designed for SEC-MALS protein applications. These columns are made of the highest quality silica with well-controlled pore size and highly reproducible surface chemistry. As a result, Wyatt protein SEC columns provide high resolution, an extended lifetime, excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility, and a full range of pore size selections.

Moreover, these columns have exceptionally low light scattering baseline noise and better pressure shock resistance than any comparable columns on the market. Each column is individually tested in Wyatt Technology's Quality Control Lab prior to shipment, and comes with a custom Certificate of Performance indicating our seal of approval for demanding multi-angle light scattering measurements.

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Wyatt Technology is the recognized leader in light scattering instrumentation and software for determining the absolute molar mass, size, charge and interactions of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution.

Wyatt's line of multi-angle static light scattering products couple to size exclusion chromatography (SEC-MALS), field-flow fractionation (FFF-MALS), and stop-flow composition-gradient systems (CG-MALS). Our dynamic light scattering (DLS) products operate in traditional cuvette as well as on-line and automated, high-throughput modes. We also offer unique instruments for electrophoretic light scattering (MP-PALS), differential refractometry, and differential viscosity.

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