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March 9 - Wyatt in the News: Philip J. Wyatt elected Vice-Chair of APS GIMS


July 22 - Press Release: Protein Quality Control in High-Throughput Screening Studies

June 2 - Webinar: Charge it! Electrophoretic Mobility as a Tool for Characterizing Nanoparticle Stability

April 24 - New Publication: Nanoparticle Toxicity: Responding to Analytical and Regulatory Challenges with Field-Flow Fractionation

April 20 - Featured Publication: Analysis of Polysaccharide and Proteinaceous Macromolecules in Beer Using Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation

March 19 - Press Release: Calypso and CG-MALS in Nature

Feb. 25 - New Publication: High-Throughput Tools for Optimizing Drug Nanosuspensions

Feb. 15 - White Paper: Protein Quality Control in SPR and BLI High-Throughput Screening Studies

Feb. 4 - Webinar: Vaccines, Well Characterized? Light Scattering Solutions for Biophysical Characterization in Vaccine R&D

Jan. 20 - New Publication: GEN | Biophysical Characterization of VLPs


Dec. 15 - Press Release: μDAWN Recognized with 2014 TASIA (The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award)

Nov. 17 - Wyatt in the News: Wyatt's Director of R&D elected as Fellow of the American Physical Society

Oct. 1 - Webinar: Pulp Non-Fiction: Absolute Macromolecular and Nanoparticle Characterization of Lignocellulosic Materials

Sept. 5 - Featured Publication: Measurement of Special Nanoparticle Structures by Light Scattering

June. 26 - Featured Publication: The Role of Electrostatics in Protein-Protein Interactions of a Monoclonal Antibody

June 15 - Featured Publication: Characterization of Molecular Structure of Acrylic Copolymers Prepared via Emulsion Polymerization Using A4F

April 16 - Press Release: Freeslate announces integration of DynaPro Plate Reader II with Biologics Formulation System

April 9 - Featured Publication: Screening High-Concentration Protein-Protein Interactions

Feb. 5 - Webinar: A Light Scattering Toolbox for the Biophysical Characterization of VLPs

Jan. 27 - Press Release: Optilab UT-rEX Recognized with 2013 TASIA (The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award)


Dec. 5 - Wyatt in the News: American Laboratory: The Story of MALS

Nov. 25 - White Paper: Branching Revealed: Characterizing Molecular Structure in Synthetic and Natural Polymers by Multi-Angle Light Scattering

Nov. 22 - Featured Publication: Truths and Myths about the Determination of Molar Mass Distribution of Synthetic and Natural Polymers by SEC

Jun. 7 - Wyatt in the News: Wyatt makes the list of Best Places to Work in the Life-Science Industry, 5th year running

March 19 - Press Release: Calypso Succeeds in ABRF-MIRG Study

Feb. 19 - Press Release: Wyatt Technology announces the First Refractive Index Detector for UHPLC


Oct. 22 - Wyatt in the News: Top Companies For Chemists

June 15 - Application Note: Automated Electrophoretic Mobility Measurements of High Salt Solutions

June 1 - Wyatt in the News: Announcing the Finalists of The Scientist's 10th Annual Best Places to Work in Industry Survey

April 17 - Application Note: Thermal Stability as a Function of pH and Concentration

March 22 - Featured Book Chapter: Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions via Static and Dynamic Light Scattering

March 8 - Application Note: High-throughput, high-salt measurements of electrophoretic mobility with Wyatt Technology's Möbiuζ

Feb. 19 - Wyatt in the News: Wyatt Technology to Showcase Innovative Zeta Potential Instrument at Pittcon


Sept. 5 - Press Release: Calypso Composition-Gradient Multi-Angle Light Scattering (CG-MALS) system

May 2 - Wyatt in the News: 2011 Results Announced: Best Places To Work In Industry

April 7 - Press Release: Wyatt Technology unveils new brochure for its Möbiuζ Mobility Instrument

Feb. 15 - Wyatt in the News: Wyatt Technology Wins SBA's Tibbetts Award for Advanced Technological Innovations

Jan. 5 - Wyatt in the News: Wyatt Technology MALS Detectors Used in Breakthrough Virus Research


Dec. 18, 2009 - Dr. Philip Wyatt elected as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Nov. 16, 2009 - Dr. Steven Trainoff elected as Fellow of the American Physical Society

Dec. 2, 2008 - 2009 American Physical Society Prize for Industrial Application of Physics

Yale University expands its Keck Biophysical Resource Center with more Wyatt instruments

USC's NanoBiophysics Core Facility adds Wyatt instruments



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Wyatt Technology is the recognized leader in light scattering instrumentation and software for determining the absolute molar mass, size, charge and interactions of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution.

Wyatt's line of multi-angle static light scattering products couple to size exclusion chromatography (SEC-MALS), field-flow fractionation (FFF-MALS), and stop-flow composition-gradient systems (CG-MALS). Our dynamic light scattering (DLS) products operate in traditional cuvette as well as on-line and automated, high-throughput modes. We also offer unique instruments for electrophoretic light scattering (MP-PALS), differential refractometry, and differential viscosity.

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