Monitor quality attributes in-process, not just process parameters.

Real-time process monitoring and control software for ultraDAWN

OBSERVER acquires real-time multi-angle light scattering data from ultraDAWN, then calculates and reports weight-average molar mass and z-average rms radius, thirty times each minute.

Where most PAT instruments monitor process conditions such as temperature, pressure and feedstock, OBSERVER’s RT-MALS analysis provides actual product quality attributes. When the RT-MALS results deviate from specifications or reach the process end point, OBSERVER can send a trigger to control the process, directly or indirectly via OPC.

OBSERVER is a compact application that does no more and no less than it needs to:

  • Set up instrument control and parameters for real-time Mw and Rg measurement in inline or online mode.
  • In online mode, an HPLC pump is controlled by OBSERVER to pull a constant flow from the main process stream or container, with optional dilution. Supported pumps are: Agilent 1100 series, 1200 series and 1200 Infinity and 1290 Infinity II quaternary pumps.
  • Set up trigger conditions: permissible ranges or end point bands for molar mass or size. Band tolerances and required duration of trigger conditions may also be set.
  • Click the ‘Play’ button to begin monitoring. Data are saved for later review in OBSERVER and may transferred via OPC to a central processor.
  • End the process when end point is reached or deviation identified, via analog voltage output or OPC.
  • Alarms are generated if the hardware diagnostics indicate loss of communication, a pump leak or other improper operation conditions.

OBSERVER, real-time MALS

Wyatt Software System Requirements

Please see Host Computer Requirements for details of the computer hardware and operating system required by OBSERVER.

Factory integration - via bi-directional OPC-UA. May be operated in local mode when not connected to an OPC-UA client.

21CFR11 compliance - via compliant OPC-UA client software. When connected to an OPC-UA client, parameters cannot be set locally; all parameters are set and validated, and the run initiated, remotely via the OPC-UA client.

Maximum run duration - 12 hours