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    Multi-Angle: February 2024

    Read our latest application note, "Real-time monitoring and control of AAV chromatographic enrichment with RT-MALS."

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    Multi-Angle: January 2024

    FDA guidance cites Wyatt Technology's instruments and their importance in detecting subvisible particles. Read more here.

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    Multi-Angle: December 2023

    Congratulations to Dr. Wyatt for winning the 2023 Fellow of Sigma Xi award!

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    Multi-Angle: November 2023

    November's newest blog article is, "Regulatory agencies acknowledge DLS as an establish standard for nanoparticles." Click to learn more.

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    Multi-Angle: October 2023

    Read our latest article, "Technological Advancements Fuel Reliable Nanoparticle Characterization."

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    Multi-Angle: September 2023

    Introducing the new DynaPro ZetaStar - the latest in Dynamic Light Scattering offers walk-up or automated measurements of size, particle concentration and zeta potential.

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    Multi-Angle: August 2023

    View our upcoming in-person workshops and user meetings.

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    Multi-Angle: July 2023

    Learn more and register for our upcoming webinar.

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    Multi-Angle: June 2023

    June's featured white paper is, "Automated dynamic and static light scattering in microwell plates for fast, productive development of biologics." Learn more.

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    Multi-Angle: May 2023

    Read our new E-Book, "Light-scattering techniques to characterize therapeutic gene vectors."

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    Multi-Angle: April 2023

    The ASTRA® 8.2 release adds major productivity enhancements. Learn more.

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    Multi-Angle: March 2023

    Take control of downstream AAV process with real-time CQA monitoring. Learn more about OBSERVER 1.5!

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    Multi-Angle: February 2023

    Read our featured publication, "Biophysical Characterization of Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors Using Ion-Exchange Chromatography Coupled to Light Scattering Detectors."

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    Multi-Angle: January 2023

    Read our featured article, "Characterizing lipid nanoparticles for drug delivery: Latest advancements and expert opinion."

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    Multi-Angle: December 2022

    Our customers were busy this year! In 2022, our customers published over 1,000 publications! Learn more and read one of our 18,600+ publications!

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    Multi-Angle: November 2022

    Read our latest article, "No more waiting: Real-time quality measurements are reducing development timelines in gene therapy and vaccine production."

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    Multi-Angle: October 2022

    In this interview, Arnaud Delobel, the R&D and Innovation Director at Quality Assistance, speaks with AZoM about the emerging field of gene therapy with adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) and how Wyatt systems can be used to characterize and quantify AAVs and other biotherapeutics.

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    Multi-Angle: September 2022

    Learn how to measure turbidity with the DynaPro® NanoStar® II.

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    Multi-Angle: August 2022

    Read our article on Cell &!

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    Multi-Angle: July 2022

    Learn about one of our upcoming AAV and LNP user meetings!

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    Multi-Angle: June 2022

    Watch our video that discusses how Wyatt Technology ensures customer success and read Part II of Wyatt Technology's 40 year history!

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    Multi-Angle: May 2022

    Read our latest application note, "Characterizing lentiviral and gammaretroviral vectors by batch DLS and FFF-MALS."

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    Multi-Angle: April 2022

    Field-Flow Fractionation coupled with multi-angle light scattering (FFF-MALS) is a powerful method to separate and characterize macromolecules and nanoparticles ranging in size from 1 nm to 1000 nm. View our video for more details.

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    Multi-Angle: March 2022

    Celebrate 40 years of Wyatt Technology by reading our blog post, Part 1: the Early Years.

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    Multi-Angle: February 2022

    Introducing the DynaPro NanoStar II - the latest in Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) technology offers walk-up measurements of size, molar mass, particle concentration and stability for characterization and quantification of nanoparticles, biotherapeutics, proteins and more.

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