The convenience of MALS & HPLC/UHPLC integration


A Complete SEC-MALS Solution

Full digital synchronization between your HPLC system, Wyatt detectors and ASTRA™:

  • Minimizes user errors
  • Runs SEC-MALS from a single, familiar environment
  • Saves you time and money

ASTRA's HPLC CONNECT module works with standard Waters HPLC hardware including pumps, autosamplers, column ovens, UV/Vis detectors, and fraction collectors.

HPLC Manager

Integrated HPLC control with HPLC CONNECT

Let ASTRA take control of your HPLC stack for effortless synchronization between injections and data collection. ASTRA eliminates the need for separate HPLC and light scattering software. HPLC modules are listed together with Wyatt detectors in a common experiment configuration, and key parameters such as vial position, injection volume and flow rate are specified in ASTRA's sequences.

Digital signal acquisition

HPLC CONNECT controls UV/VIS detectors directly within ASTRA. Set UV parameters and acquire all signals digitally, without any external cabling required. Select up to two UV channels for analysis – even post-collection.

HPLC Manager

HPLC CONNECT: Your Dashboard

The HPLC DASHBOARD application controls and monitors HPLC modules including pumps, column ovens, UV detectors and autosamplers, right from the desktop. Included at no additional cost with HPLC CONNECT.

HPLC Connect Supporting Documents

TN3601: Waters HPLC Connection Guide for Wyatt Instrumentation and TN3610: ACQUITY UPLC Connection Guide for Wyatt Instrumentation.

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