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Current Instrument Models Firmware Version Release Date
DAWN (NEON) 9.0.10 May 2023
miniDAWN/microDAWN (NEON) 4.0.6 May 2023
ultraDAWN (NEON) 9.1.9 June 2023
Optilab/microOptilab (NEON) 8.1.3 November 2023
ViscoStar/microViscoStar (NEON) 6.0.3 May 2023
Eclipse (NEON) 6.0.9 May 2023
DynaPro ZetaStar January 2024
DynaPro NanoStar II January 2024
DynaPro Plate Reader III June 2023

Previous Instrument Models Firmware Version Release Date
DAWN HELEOS II October 2020
miniDAWN TREOS II October 2020
miniDAWN TREOS I October 2020
Optilab (U)T-rEX October 2020
Optilab rEX December 2009
Eclipse DualTec, AF4, 3+ 4.3 November 2015
Eclipse 3 3.3 December 2008
DynaPro Plate Reader II October 2020
DynaPro Plate Reader I November 2017
DynaPro NanoStar August 2020
ViscoStar III/microViscoStar October 2020
ViscoStar I/II April 2013
μDAWN October 2020
Mobius August 2020

Please read the Firmware Update Guide for instructions on performing the update. Contact Wyatt Support for questions or assistance with your update.