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Need to characterize your samples by light scattering, but do not currently have the budget or manpower for your own instruments? Find a 3rd-party academic, government or commercial facility that offers contract analytical services using Wyatt instruments in your region.

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  • Ajinomoto Althea - San Diego, CA. Provides CMC-related analytical services and consulting for biopharmaceutical companies engaging in clinical trials or seeking regulatory approval. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS, high-throughput DLS and MP-PALS (zeta potential).
  • Akina, Inc. - West Lafayette, Indiana. Provides characterization of polymers used in biomedical and drug-delivery applications, primarily PLGA. Wyatt instrumentation: GPC-quaternary detection (SEC-MALS, DLS, Refractive Index, Viscometry).
  • Bend Research - Bend, OR. A leading independent scientific development and manufacturing company that provides contract services for characterization of proteins and polymers. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS including on-line differential viscometry.
  • Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories - Lancaster, PA. Offers the greatest breadth of cGMP-compliant biopharmaceutical services in the industry, streamlining the drug development process through commercialization while ensuring regulatory compliance, cost effectiveness, and achievement of timelines. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS with on-line DLS.
  • Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies - Morrisville, NC. Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies is a world class Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDM) offering technical leadership in cell culture, microbial fermentation and viral vectors process development with world class GMP manufacturing facilities. The company also offer technical expertise in Analytical development, formulation development and biophysical characterization. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS (with online DLS), UPLC-MALS, DLS (Plate Reader) and CG-MALS.
  • Jordi Labs - Mansfield, MA. A worldwide leader in GMP compliant laboratory analysis for pharmaceutical, medical device, packaging and industrial applications. We provide SEC testing and consultation for polymer and protein characterization. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS including on-line differential viscometry.
  • KBI Biopharma - Durham, NC. A full-service contract research and manufacturing organization focused on biopharmaceutical product development and production from proof-of-concept through Phase III and final commercialization. Wyatt Instrumentation: SEC-MALS, DLS (plate reader).
  • Matica Biotechnology - College Station, TX. Wyatt Instrumentation: SLS, DLS/turbidity.
  • Pace Labs - Multiple locations, USA. Nation-wide network of laboratories providing analytical services for environmental and life sciences. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS, FFF-MALS, high-throughput DLS.
  • Polymer Solutions - Blacksburg, VA. An independent materials testing lab that provides ISO-17025 and cGMP compliant analytical testing for those within medical device, pharmaceutical, packaging, aerospace, defense, and manufacturing industries. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS.
  • PPD Laboratories GMP Lab - Middleton, WI. Provides cGMP-compliant integrated analytical services across all phases of pharmaceutical development and commercialization for small molecules and biologics. Core competencies include physiochemical characterization, method development, optimization, validation and transfer, and quality control testing for product stability, in-process, in-use and release. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS with on-line DLS.
  • SGS Life Science Services - West Chester, PA. A division of SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, and leader in biopharmaceutical testing. SGS offers a full package of expert protein and peptide characterization services to GLP/cGMP standards and adhering to ICH Q6B guidelines. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS with on-line DLS.

Academic and Government

Instruct European Structural Biology Infrastructure

  • CERM/CIRMMP - Florence, Italy. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS with on-line DLS.
  • IBS - Grenoble, France. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS with on-line DLS.
  • IGBMC-CERBM - Strasbourg, France. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS.
  • Protein facility - NKI - Amsterdam, Netherlands. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS







  • Quality Assistance S.A. - Donstiennes. Quality Assistance provides the pharmaceutical industry with all the analytical services required by EMA and FDA regulations for the development and marketing of human medicinal products. With over 40 years' experience at the forefront of analytical sciences, this analytical CRO has developed a sound expertise in biotherapeutics (ADCs, mAbs, Proteins), New Chemical Entities, Oligonucleotides, Peptides, mRNA, Vaccines, Nanomedicine products and ATMPs. Quality Assistance holds a unique position on the market with all its laboratories on one site and designs customized solutions in order to evaluate the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of the drugs. Its environment is GMP, GLP and GCLP/GCP compliant. Wyatt instrumentation: FFF-MALS.
  • RIC biologics - Kortrijk. We are an independent analytical service provider at the forefront of analytical development since 1986. Working closely with our customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry we understand how important it is to know your molecule inside-out. We provide in-depth characterization of your monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, antibody-drug-conjugates, bi-specifics, multi-specifics, fusion proteins, enzymes, peptides, oligonucleotides, DNA, RNA, small molecules, cell-based products and complex formulations (vaccines). We apply light scattering to evaluate the physical properties and stability of your product and to support your (pre)formulation screenings. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS, DLS (plate reader).

Czech Republic

  • SYNPO - Pardubice. SYNPO is an R&D company providing development, testing and manufacturing of synthetic polymers and resins, paints, composites and adhesives. It is ISO 9001 certified, and its analytical and testing labs are accredited according to ISO 17025 standard. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS including online viscosity detector, AF4-MALS with online DLS.


  • 2bind GmbH - Regensburg. 2bind is a provider for biophysical analytical services. 2bind offers biophysical outsourcing solutions for small molecule drug discovery programs from HIT ID to HIT-to-Lead. In addition, 2bind offers biophysical analyses for biologics (Pre-formulation, long term storage, forced degradation). Work with the experts in Biophysics! Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS, DynaPro Plate Reader III
  • Coriolis Pharma - Martinsried. An independent leading service provider specialized in biopharmaceutical formulation development and contract analytical services. This includes forced degradation and stability testing, higher order structure characterization, aggregation and (sub)visible particle analysis, supported by a large number of analytical techniques. Wyatt instrumentation: FFF-MALS, DLS (plate reader).
  • ProJect Pharmaceutics - Martinsried. Transforms proteins, peptides and ADCs/cytotoxics into pioneering drugs through development and optimization of formulation, delivery systems, and manufacturing processes from pilot to full-scale GMP production. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS, CG-MALS.
  • ZentriForce Pharma - Heidelberg. An analytical service provider that focuses on hydrodynamic techniques for biopharmaceutical development. Emphasis is on gene therapy products and biosimilarity studies. Services include aggregate detection, particle size determination, temperature stability testing, interaction parameter determination and characterization. Experience lies with a large spectrum of biopharmaceutical entities, ranging from small peptides (1 kDa) and proteins / antibodies over adeno-associated viruses (AAVs), liposomal formulations and DNA/RNA complexes up to full viruses (several 100 nm). A strict quality system is in place to assure that customer samples are handled by trained laboratory operators with utmost care and precision. Wyatt instrumentation: FFF-MALS, SEC-MALS, DLS (DynaPro Plate Reader)


  • Solve Research and Consultancy - Lund. A contract analytical laboratory and consultancy company focused on characterization of proteins, peptides, nanoparticles, biopolymers, lipid vesicles etc. Performs investigations of peptides and proteins such as, aggregation and time resolved stability studies under a large range of solution and concentration conditions. Offer size distribution analysis of nanoparticles and molar mass determination of polymers. Wyatt instrumentation: FFF-MALS, SEC-MALS, automated high throughput DLS.


  • SGS Life Science Services - Geneva, Switzerland. A division of SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, and leader in biopharmaceutical testing. SGS offers a full package of expert protein and peptide characterization services to GLP/cGMP standards and adhering to ICH Q6B guidelines. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS.

The Netherlands

  • Nouryon, Deventer - Expert service provider to characterize and understand the composition, structure and performance of materials, chemical products and processes. In the Expert and Capablity Center Deventer (ECCD) in Nouryon, the focus is on the elucidation of the composition and structures of small molecules, polymers, particles, complex mixtures and formulated products; analysis of the composition, structure and morphology of surfaces and the interfaces between coatings and substrates; characterization of the bulk properties of materials; in- and at-line process analysis for quality assurance (QA). For this purpose, the ECCD possess a broad variety of equipment of techniques, state of the art equipment, and highly qualified and experienced experts. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS, SEC – MALS including on-line differential viscometry.


  • BioPharmaSpec - Jersey. An independent analytical research laboratory which has a long track-record of solving cutting edge problems in biopolymer research, and stands ready to apply this cumulative expertise to the efficient characterization of your important biopharmaceutical products. Wyatt instrumentation: SEC-MALS.