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February 5, 2024

AAV– Challenges in Characterization and Bioprocessing

February 5, 2024 - AAVs are far more complex than traditional biologics and present new challenges to product and process developers, as well as to their analytical support teams. Wyatt offers a suite of measurement techniques—comprising both traditional and automated analytical tools—to support the characterization and multi-attribute quantification of adeno-associated viruses.

November 3, 2023

Regulatory Agencies Acknowledge DLS Assays as an Established Standard for Nanoparticles

November 3, 2023 - Nanoparticles have been clinically used in controlled delivery of therapeutic substances since the 1990s. These synthetic carrier molecules have been demonstrated to improve a drug’s solubility, stability, and bioavailability. Learn more in our latest blog post.

June 13, 2023

Wyatt Technology instruments have been cited in over 19,0000 peer-reviewed publications

June 13, 2023 - Our bibliography recently hit a milestone – 19,000 peer-reviewed publications! Learn more and read one of our many publications.

May 17, 2023

Discover Tricks and Tips with our Technical Notes

May 17, 2023 - Read our latest blog post to learn what technical notes are new or updated.

April 12, 2023

ASTRA 8.2: Enhanced productivity and particle analysis

The latest release of ASTRA, version 8.2, offers new features and improvements aimed at increasing your efficiency in the lab as well as offering new capabilities and analysis for particle concentration, Lipid Nanoparticle analysis, and fraction collector support.

March 9, 2023

RT-MALS: Real-time product attributes, from lab to plant

March 10, 2023 - Wyatt's instruments have played essential roles in the development of biotherapeutics for over three decades. Learn how the same technologies employed in our analytical instruments are now meeting the challenges of real-time process analytics.

June 9, 2022

Ensuring customer success through exceptional training

June 9, 2022 - Watch the interview with Geofrey Wyatt, CEO and Cliff Wyatt, President as they dive into how Light Scattering University (LSU) sets up our customers for success.

June 7, 2022

A Very Personal History of Wyatt Technology

June 7, 2022 - Read part 2 of Wyatt Technology's 40 year history.

June 6, 2022

40 Years and Over 50 Publications by Wyatt Scientists

June 6, 2022 - Considering Wyatt’s history, it should be no surprise that Wyatt Technology puts a tremendous amount of resources into publications. Learn about our rich publication history and read some of our favorite Wyatt employee publications.

May 10, 2022

20% discount on parts at the Wyatt Technology Store

May 9, 2022 - All online orders under $2,000 are eligible for up to a 20% discount if purchased through the Wyatt Technology Store! Learn more.