Wyatt staff gathers for ribbon-cutting ceremony at new facility

Wyatt Technology Ribbon Cutting

Most of the boxes have been unpacked. Furniture that didn’t survive the move has been recycled. New logos have been stenciled on the glass. Our company sign has been hoisted into place on the building’s façade.

Yes, our move from 6300 Hollister Avenue to 6330 Hollister Avenue—a distance of only about 100 meters—is complete! Next time we need to make sure we move at least a few blocks away; that way we’ll get some moving vans to transport everything from one space to another. Our distance between facilities was so short this time, that everything was hand-carried, or put on carts and wheeled through the parking lot. There must have been thousands of trips back and forth! It took hundreds—if not thousands—of miles of steps to get the job done. But the move is now complete and we’re learning where the kitchen, new conference rooms (not to mention the Restrooms!), offices, machine shop, labs, IT and everything else are now housed.

Our space has now expanded by 50% so that we now occupy nearly 4,200 square meters of office building! And it’s all official: Dr. Wyatt cut the ceremonial ribbon on March 23 to inaugurate our presence. With more room, we can accommodate more customers in our labs. LSU classes can now fit more students, and our company is unified under one roof once again—something that has been 2-plus years in the making.