ASTRA 8.2: Enhanced productivity and particle analysis

ASTRA® version 8.2 offers a wide sweep of new features and improvements, such that each and every user of Wyatt’s MALS instruments will find value in terms of productivity and analytical depth. The new capabilities of ASTRA 8.2, as well as HPLC CONNECTTM 3 (released together with ASTRA 8.2), are described below.

Remote front panel access: For DAWN desk jockeys

Busy with meetings or working from home? ASTRA 8.2 lets you view and control the front panels of current-generation instruments so you can stay on top of measurements when outside of the lab. Monitor the Health Indicators, switch the MALS laser on or off, purge the Optilab® or interact with any of the instrument settings. As seen here, the panel is viewed directly within ASTRA 8.2.

Batch Reporting: Saves Time

The Batch Reporting feature can be a real time saver if you run sequences and generate multiple data files. Accessed from the File menu, Batch Reporting may be set up to save reports from any number of experiments, simply by choosing the data files from a folder or from those that are already open in ASTRA. You can even include different report types to be generated from each data file.

Create a particle analysis method in Method Builder

The Method Builder wizard, which streamlines setting up a new method, now supports creation of a Particle Size and Concentration method for analyzing nanoparticles. Similar to other Method Builder workflows, default parameters can be defined within the method to expedite measurements of the distributions and moments of particle size and concentration.

Particle number distributions: Compare and contrast

The Quantitative Distribution Analysis in ASTRA 8.2 provides histograms of particle number vs. radius, similar to those generated by particle counting methods. This procedure enables direct comparisons with orthogonal techniques as well as insight into changing particle populations. Quantitative Distributions are accessed from the Distribution Analysis view by toggling ‘Relative’ to ‘Quantitative’.

LNP size-based payload analysis: Turn data into answers

ASTRA’s LNP-NA Analysis method quantifies the DNA or RNA payload of lipid nanoparticles according to size. In ASTRA 8.2 this method has been enhanced to calculate additional properties: overall concentrations of lipids and nucleic acids, encapsulation efficiency and number of encapsulated molecules. You can plot, as shown here, the RNA weight fraction and nucleic acid number against particle size in EASI Graph and summarize results in EASI Table. The LNP-NA Analysis module is a separately licensed feature within ASTRA.

ASTRA 8.2 also includes the following improvements, and more:

  • When using HPLC CONNECT, pump time tables are cleared automatically at the start of a run. This prevents other device settings from interfering with experiment runs.
  • EASI Table and EASI Graph offer more options for scalars and display.
  • The secondary UV channel trace can be displayed in EASI Graph.
  • Peak height and peak area from UV channels beyond the primary channel can be calculated. These results may be presented in EASI Table and reports.
  • Windows 11 compatibility


A new user interface provides streamlined control of Agilent HPLC modules, leveraging native HPLC software look and feel directly in ASTRA. It’s easier and more intuitive to monitor and clear pump time tables, control the HPLC hardware and manage module status.

Fraction collector control

Fraction collector support is now integrated with ASTRA using HPLC CONNECT 3 or VISION 3.2. An Agilent fraction collector can be included in a method via Method Builder. Just like in common native HPLC software, you can set—in ASTRA or VISION— sample collection based on peak triggers or time intervals. The new Fraction Results procedure enables visualizing results from collected fractions, as shown here.

How to get it

ASTRA 8.2.0 is a non-Security Pack release. ASTRA 8.2 for Security Pack will include all the features mentioned above, but will only be released after undergoing additional extensive testing before its release.

ASTRA 8.2.0 is available for download from the Support Center at, but requires a new license key. Customers whose MALS instruments are under warranty or are covered by a current Gold Service Plan are entitled to free software upgrades and should contact Wyatt Support for a license key. If you would like to upgrade your ASTRA license and are not covered by a warranty or Gold Service Plan, contact your regional sales team or Wyatt Support.