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4/16/2014 - Featured Article: SEC-MALS-QELS

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4/16/2014 - Press Release: Freeslate announces integration of DynaPro Plate Reader II with Biologics Formulation System

4/9/2014 - Featured Article: Screening High-Concentration Protein-Protein Interactions

3/11/2014 - Regional/Topical User Meetings Announced: Southern California and Greater DC Regions Protein/Biotech User Meetings

2/5/2014 - Webinar: A Light Scattering Toolbox for the Biophysical Characterization of VLPs

1/27/2014 - Press Release: Optilab UT-rEX Recognized with 2013 TASIA (The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award)


11/25/2013 - White Paper: Branching Revealed: Characterizing Molecular Structure in Synthetic and Natural Polymers by Multi-Angle Light Scattering

11/21/2013 - Featured Article: Truths and Myths about the Determination of Molar Mass Distribution of Synthetic and Natural Polymers by Size Exclusion Chromatography

11/21/2013 - Webinar: Branching Revealed: Characterizing Molecular Structure in Synthetic and Natural Polymers by Multi-Angle Light Scattering

10/18/2013 - Featured Article: Utilizing Dynamic Light Scattering as a Process Analytical Technology for Protein Folding and Aggregation Monitoring in Vaccine Manufacture

10/05/2013 - American Laboratory: The Story of MALS

8/14/2013 - Press Release: European Molecular Biology Laboratory adopts Wyatt NanoStar for X-ray crystallography and SAXS sample qualification

06/07/2013 - The Scientist: Wyatt makes the list of best place to work in the life science industry, 5th year running

3/19/2013 - Press Release: Calypso Succeeds in ABRF-MIRG Study

02/19/2013 - Press Release: Wyatt Technology announces the First Refractive Index Detector for UHPLC

01/21/2013 - Wyatt Technology in Chemical & Engineering News


10/22/2012 - Top Companies For Chemists

7/04/2012 - Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH wins Innovation Award for Eclipse® DUALTEC Hollow-Fiber FFF

6/15/2012 - Application Note: Automated Electrophoretic Mobility Measurements of High Salt Solutions

6/01/2012 - Announcing the Finalists of The Scientist’s 10th Annual Best Places to Work in Industry Survey

4/17/2012 - Application Note: Thermal Stability as a Function of pH and Concentration

3/22/2012 - Featured Book Chapter: Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions via Static and Dynamic Light Scattering

3/08/2012 - Application Note: High-throughput, high-salt measurements of electrophoretic mobility with Wyatt Technology’s Möbius

02/19/2012 - Wyatt Technology to Showcase Innovative Zeta Potential Instrument at Pittcon


9/05/2011 - Press Release: Calypso Composition-Gradient Multi-Angle Light Scattering (CG-MALS) system

5/02/2011 - 2011 Results Announced: Best Places To Work In Industry

4/07/2011 - Press Release: Wyatt Technology unveils new Brochure for it Mobius Mobility Instrument

2/15/2011 - Wyatt Technology Corporation Wins SBA’s Tibetts Award for Advanced Technological Innovations

01/05/2011 - Wyatt Technology MALS Detectors Used in Breakthrough Virus Research


12/18/2009 - Dr. Philip Wyatt elected to the rank of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow

11/16/2009 - Dr. Steven Trainoff, elected to Fellow of the American Physical Society

12/02/2008 - 2009 American Physical Society Prize for Industrial Application of Physics

Yale University expands its Keck Biophysical Resource Center with more Wyatt instruments

USC's NanoBiophysics Core Facility adds Wyatt instruments