Featured Customer – Professor Christopher Ellison

Christopher Ellison

It was our pleasure to host Prof. Christopher Ellison at the June LSU (Light Scattering University) course—held, as always, at Wyatt’s headquarters in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. As Piercy Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Ellison’s research pushes the boundaries of molecular architecture: he and his group create and investigate nanostructured polymeric systems for a wide array of advanced applications including photolithography, microelectronic device design, battery design, and general nano-scale manufacturing. Learn more about Dr. Ellison and his work by visiting https://ellison.dl.umn.edu/.

Dr. Ellison has found SEC-MALS-IV analysis of polymers to be valuable for his work in polymer engineering, providing comprehensive, absolute characterization of molar mass and intrinsic viscosity, including distributions and moments. The work reported in his 2014 Polymer paper, published while at his previous position with the University of Texas at Austin, made use of a complete triple-detection GPC system incorporating a DAWN®, ViscoStar® and Optilab®. Learn more about these applications at www.wyatt.com/polymers.

Now that Christopher has completed LSU training on SEC-MALS we look forward to more exciting research results utilizing the DAWN, and wish him much success advancing nanopatterning technology, as well as membranes, green manufacturing, flame retardants and all the other projects his group is pursuing.