Featured Customer: Professor Stuart Rowan

Stuart Rowan

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Stuart Rowan is our Featured Customer for September 2017. As Professor of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering, Dr. Rowan’s research focuses on the construction and properties of structurally-dynamic polymeric materials such as self-healing materials. He and his group study metallosupramolecular and stimuli-responsive polymers, cellulose nanocrystals in biomimetic and porous systems, and reversible covalent chemistry.

Interlocked macromolecules, illustrated in the image to the right and below, is just one of the exciting areas where this group is breaking new ground. These novel systems present potential for construction of molecular machines/switches, molecular logic gates and information ratchets, memory devices, drug delivery, and switchable surfaces. Learn more about Prof. Rowan and his work by visiting https://ime.uchicago.edu/rowan_group/.

Wyatt Technology is a proud sponsor of the light scattering instrumentation in the U. Chicago Chemistry Department’s Polymer Size Characterization Suite hosted by Prof. Rowan’s lab. We took this on at the behest of our CEO, Dr. Philip Wyatt, an alumnus and ardent supporter of the University of Chicago (Go Maroons!), and all agree that a better host could not have been found for promoting the benefits of SEC-MALS with intrinsic viscometry, plus batch dynamic light scattering and zeta potential, to the polymer research community.

We enjoyed having Dr. Rowan at the July 2017 LSU (Light Scattering University) and DynaLSU training sessions where he acquired the skills necessary to make the most of his DAWN®, ViscoStar® and Optilab® SEC-MALS-IV system as well as the Mobius DLS & zeta potential detector. If you haven’t yet been to LSU, you might be interested in his summary of the week in Santa Barbara:

Learn more about LSU by viewing our video, The LSU Experience, at www.wyatt.com/LSU.

Now that Stuart has completed LSU training we look forward to more cutting-edge research utilizing the DAWN, ViscoStar, Optilab and Mobius, and wish him much success advancing the science of smart materials.