How do I shut down and store my Wyatt instruments properly to ensure an easy startup?

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Shutting and storing your Wyatt instruments properly will help to ensure the longest instrument lifetime and minimize instrument downtime for cleaning when you’re ready to restart your experiments. Wyatt’s webinar “Shutdown and Storage of Wyatt Instruments” provides an overview of the recommendations for Wyatt Technology instruments including both short- and long-term storage. We also cover tips for resuming operations. This presentation is for Wyatt instruments for chromatography, field flow fractionation, and batch DLS/ELS instruments.

We also offer two technical notes with instructions on preparing your instruments for shutdown on our Support Center:

  • TN9004 - Shutdown and Storage of Wyatt Detectors
  • TN9006 - Preventing Condensation in Wyatt Detectors

Please contact your HPLC and column manufacturer for recommend maintenance and storage instructions—especially for guidelines on solvent compatibility and safe operation.

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