Where can I find accessories for my Wyatt instrument?

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Finding Accessories on the Support Center

From add-ons such as the Orbit solvent recycling system to columns and standards, we have the accessories you need to get the most out of your instruments. The Accessories Tab on the Wyatt Support Center’s home page gives a quick overview of some of our main accessories, spare parts and consumables. Clicking on a tile directs you to additional information and shopping guides for each accessory type, along with links to the online Wyatt Technology Store.

Finding Accessories for your Instrument

To help you find all available options, each instrument page on our Support Center contains its own Accessories tab with a system diagram such as the SEC-MALS System Diagram.

Purchasing Accessories on the Wyatt Technology Store

There are now over 250 spare parts, consumables and accessories available for purchase online. You’ll find the Wyatt Technology Store is categorized by instrument product families, making it easy to know which parts are compatible with your system. In addition, with our search feature you can simply enter a part number and quickly find what you need.

If you have questions on which SEC column is best for your application, check out our user-friendly SEC Columns Guide. By answering a few questions about your sample, our SEC Column Selection tool will guide you to a recommended column.

You can purchase accessories by clicking through from the support center to the store with no additional login, as your Wyatt Support Center and Wyatt Technology Store accounts are the same. You can also go directly to the store to purchase accessories via credit card or purchase order. Browse our most popular consumables, review your order history and easily place repeat orders online- and don’t forget about the online discount!

Purchasing standards and obtaining Certificates of Analysis

In addition to accessories, we also offer a selection of certified standards to make sure your instrument is performing to specification. Currently available standards include the following:

  • BSA
  • Dextran
  • Polystyrene (30 kDa and 200 kDa)
  • RI Calibration Standards
  • Electrophoretic Mobility Standards

If you need to look up the Certificate of Analysis for a standard, they are digitally available on our store under the CoA tab. https://store.wyatt.com/certificates-of-analysis/.


For a comprehensive overview of all of the system options Wyatt offers, we recommend the Accessories & Services Guide.

Do you have a question? Contact our experts here in Customer Support. We’re happy to help! Call +1 (805) 681-9009 option 4 or email support@wyatt.com.