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Already a Wyatt customer? Get the most out of your instrumentation with our online library of technical notes. These valuable resources include:

  • Quick guides for setting up the instruments and using the software
  • Tips for improving performance
  • Best practices for use and care
  • Step-by-step instructions for performing advanced analyses on your data, such as ASTRA®’s Protein Conjugate and Branching methods
  • Connection guides for various models of UHPLC, HPLC and FPLC
  • Troubleshooting guides to keep you up and running

New and Updated Technical Notes

New! TN1505A – Utilizing Fraction Collectors with HPLC CONNECT
Collecting samples after separation with a fraction collector may be attractive for further offline analysis. This technical note describes how to configure and run an Agilent fraction collector with HPLC CONNECT.

Updated – TN1501C – The HPLC CONNECT Quick Guide
This guide covers routine, recommended operation of HPLC CONNECT 2 software, both as the standalone HPLC DASHBOARD and when using HPLC CONNECT within ASTRA 8.

New! TN9007A – Troubleshooting a NEON Instrument Liquid Leak Alarm
This technical note reviews the recommended troubleshooting steps for addressing a liquid leak alarm in the NEON line of online instruments for SEC-MALS and FFF-MALS.

New! TN1020A – Querying the SQL Database in ASTRA with Security Pack
ASTRA Security Pack makes use of a Microsoft SQL database to store and protect all data. Queries can be written in SQL (structured query language) to make use of powerful data mining capabilities. This article is a collection of useful queries that may be applied to your ASTRA data.

Updated – 3 technical notes for keeping your SEC-MALS system at peak performance:

  • TN3103D1 – In-situ Cleaning Protocol for a Wyatt MALS Instrument
  • TN3501D – SEC-MALS System Noise Assessment and Cleaning Guide
  • TN3502D1 – Guidelines for Improving the Quality of SEC-MALS Data in an Aqueous System

Updated – Technical notes for getting the most of DYNAMICS and your DynaPro® Plate Reader

  • TN2006C – Using Plate Templates in DYNAMICS
  • TN7000D – DynaPro Plate Reader Quick Start Guide
  • TN7001D – Determining Thermal Transitions using the DynaPro Plate Reader
  • TN7002C – Screening for Compound Aggregates
  • TN7003B – Using the Experiment Designer with the Plate Reader
  • TN7004B – Performing SLS measurements with the Plate Reader III

New and Updated – Technical notes for working with FFF-MALS using the Eclipse and VISION

  • New! TN6006A – Eclipse (NEON) and VISION 3 Handbook
  • New! TN6502A – VOYAGER Quick Guide for VISION 2
  • New! TN6503A – SCOUT Quick Guide for VISION 2
  • New! TN6504A – Configuring Fraction Collectors with VISION 2
  • TN6000C – Eclipse AF4 with Separation Channel Quick Start Guide – Agilent HPLC
  • TN6001B – Eclipse DUALTEC with Separation Channel Quick Start Guide – Agilent HPLC

You can find technical notes on our Support Center. Simply go to and log in or register for an account (only available to customers with supported instruments). The technical note library is located under the Learning Resources tab. You can also find technical notes under each instrument or software.