Need help from Wyatt’s Analytical Services Team?

Applications Team

Here at Wyatt, we have a special team dedicated to working with customers and prospective customers to understand their applications and needs and match them to the best Wyatt solution. Some have called this team the “Wyatt Matchmakers,” as they aim to find the key technique for each potential Wyatt user. Otherwise known as the Analytical Services Team, they strive to learn from their customer interactions to provide every researcher with the ideal characterization tool to meet the customer’s needs. To achieve this goal, team members may work with customers at the Wyatt headquarters, analyze samples for proof-of-concept data, and provide on-site or virtual seminars to understand current and emerging requirements.

Not only are they masters at the operation of Wyatt products and their applications, but the team is a key support resource for many departments within Wyatt Technology. They support marketing efforts by writing application notes and white papers, as well as giving webinars. Working with R&D and Software groups, they focus on product enhancements driven by customer feedback and help define new product features and software functionality. They assist the Customer Support team with activities including LSU, installation and on-site IQ/OQ, as well as providing application support to Wyatt users via email, phone and on-site visits.

The above are only some of the duties the applications team members carry out. Truly, they are a powerhouse of knowledge for Team Wyatt and an important resource for Wyatt instrument users and prospective customers alike!