Wyatt Technology Launches New Website

New Home Page

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Wyatt Technology website! This site comes with a host of modern improvements, including a streamlined navigation and layout with updated resources for our users.

A huge benefit is the restructured Wyatt Support Center. It’s now integrated with the support help desk software allowing users to create and view support tickets and track their progress. The Support Center hosts a wealth of information on everything related to your Wyatt light scattering instruments, software and applications including:

  • Software updates and bug fixes
  • Technical Notes on how to connect and work with your instruments and software
  • Video tutorials, software tutorials and educational webinars
  • Reference materials such as User's Manuals, Tutorials and Certificates of Analysis for Wyatt standards
  • Spare parts and supplies list

Not only did we revamp the Support Center, but now Wyatt customers can login to both the Support Center and the Wyatt Technology Store with the same account in a single sign-on!

We launched the Wyatt Technology Store at the beginning of 2019 (more about that here), and in it you can view spare parts, accessories and consumables categorized by product family. Now Wyatt instrument users can login and order online from the Store and view open support tickets in the Support Center with one accounts. Although shipping from the Store is only available to US and Canadian customers, we will expand to other locations soon.

Additionally, we reorganized and added new material to the website. Updated search functionality will help you find information on specific applications faster than before. The bibliography always has the latest articles, and it’s now updated every two weeks. Overall, we hope you’ll find this site easier to navigate and the rearranged content more efficient. So please, take a look around and check out all the benefits of our new website by visiting www.wyatt.com!