2005 ILSC

2005 ILSC

Wyatt's 16th ILSC was held October 24 - 25, 2005 at the Four Seasons Biltmore Resort in Santa Barbara, CA.

Plenary Speakers

  • Dr. George Heavner, Centocor Inc.
    "A Case Study in Protein/Surfactant Interactions: Erythropoietin in a Polysorbate 80 Formulation"

  • Dr. Barbara Bolgiano, National Institute for Biological Standards & Control, United Kingdom
    "Molecular Sizing of Bacterial Vaccines"

  • Dr. Angela Gronenborn, National Institutes of Health
    "Anything Goes - Protein Structure Polymorphism"

  • Professor Jean Frechet, University of California, Berkeley
    "Functional Macromolecules: Shape, Size, and Function"

  • Professor Tudor Arvinte, University of Geneva, Switzerland
    "Application of Field Flow Fractionation, Light Scattering, Spectroscopic and Microscopy Techniques in the Characterization of Therapeutic Proteins"

  • Professor Lin Randall, University of Missouri-Columbia
    "Asymmetric Binding Between SecA and SecB Two Symmetric Proteins: Implications for Function in Export"

  • Dr. Brent Larsen, Berlex Biosciences
    "Characterization of Virus-like Particle Assembly for Plasmid Delivery Using the Wyatt Asymmetric Field Flow Fractionation Instrument"

  • Professor Annelise Barron, Northwestern University
    "A Key Role for MALS in Characterizing High-Molar Mass Polymers and Nanogels for DNA Sequencing by Microchannel Electrophoresis"