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Differential light scattering and the measurement of molecules and nanoparticles: A review

Abstract: Within the past few decades, the application of light scattering techniques to a broad range of scientific disciplines has increased significantly, especially in the field of analytical chemistry. The resulting interest in and use of light scattering methods suggests the need for an easily understood introduction and review of material for those new to the method as well as for current users in need of a refresher. In many respects, the theory and its applications may appear so overwhelming for many studying the field for the first time, that they rarely can spend the time just needed to understand the basic measurements and their interpretations. A variety of applications in analytical chemistry especially have resulted in a greater understanding of many of the macromolecular processes themselves from molar mass distributions, to the macromolecular interactions responsible for aggregation processes, to determinations of structure and function. The use of such analytical processes to obtain a better understanding of nanoparticle structure and function has become almost universal.

Wyatt, P.J. Analytica Chimica Acta: X 2021.

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