Insights into the respiratory electron transfer pathway from the structure of nitrate reductase A

The team at the University of British Columbia has provided fundamental molecular details for understanding the mechanism of proton-motive force generation by a redox loop by studying the crystal structure of NarGHI at a resolution of 1.9 Angstroms. The group used their miniDAWN and Optilab DSP instruments to analyze the oligomerization of NarGHI in the presence of 0.7 mM Thesit.

Bertero, M. G.; Rothery, R. A.; Palak, M.; Hou, C.; Lim, D.; Blasco, F.; Weiner, J. H.; Strynadka, N. C. J. Nature Structural Biology  2003, 10, 681-687. DOI: 10.1038/nsb969