Recent applications of light scattering measurement in the biological and biopharmaceutical sciences

This article provides a brief introduction to the four essential forms of light scattering utilized in the life sciences: on-line MALS, CG-MALS, DLS, and ELS, used to determine molar mass, size, native oligomeric and conjugation state; characterize interactions, aggregation and stability; and determine net charge or zeta potential. It then proceeds to provide a variety of examples of how each technique is used. The examples are drawn from recent literature, and in addition several tables provide brief descriptions of the key results obtained by means of light scattering over a more extensive set of recent publications. The author offers some helpful critiques and guidelines for LS users.

Minton, A.P. Analytical Biochemistry  2016, 501, 4-22. doi:10.1016/j.ab.2016.02.007