Towards an improved prediction of concentrated antibody solution viscosity using the Huggins coefficient

Biotherapeutics Formulation

Abstract: Engineering low viscosity mAb formulations is challenging, as prohibitive amounts of material are required for concentrated solution analysis. Commonly, interaction parameters such as kD and B22, which are obtained through low-volume, high-throughput light scattering measurements, have been applied to predict viscosity at high protein concentration. This publication presents a novel differential viscometry technique for determining a different interaction parameter, the Huggins coefficient kh, demonstrating a strong correlation with high-concentration viscosity that is not observed for kD or B22.

A. Roche, L. Gentiluomo, N. Sibanda, D. Roessner, W. Friess, S. Trainoff, and C. Robin. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2021.

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