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Characterizing Microgel Polymers and Nanostructures by Light Scattering


Presented Live: June 23, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Mark Spears Jr.

Microgels offer many promising attributes including tunable architectures, breadth of materials, and creative biological applications. These solvent-swollen, polymeric nanomaterials, ranging from tens of nanometers to several micrometers in size, are made of the same materials as their macroscopic counterparts, hydrogels. However, microgel behavior and properties are more challenging to predict and measure due to their dimensions.

In this webinar, we will discuss the analytical light scattering tools that are crucial to microgel characterization, illustrating how they determine the salient properties of microgels including response to temperature and solvent characteristics, core-shell structures, and degradation profiles.

Special thanks to Dr. L. Andrew Lyon and the group members of the Lyon laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology from which most of these data originate.


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