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Development of a New Online Micro-Viscometer for APC and UHPLC Applications


Presented Live: June 19, 2018

Speakers: Steven Trainoff, Ph.D. and Chris Deng, Ph.D., Wyatt Technology

Differential viscometers are commonly used with GPC to determine the intrinsic viscosity of polymers, from which molar mass can be derived under certain assumptions. However, the real strength of differential viscometry is realized when coupled with size-exclusion chromatography and online multi-angle light scattering (SEC-MALS-IV) to measure, from first principles, both molar mass and hydrodynamic (viscometric) radius. SEC-MALS-IV fully characterizes macromolecules in terms of size, conformation, branching, and aggregation.
In this webcast, we will present novel, low-volume, differential-viscometry sensor technology. This new system provides dramatically improved sensitivity and near immunity to pump pulses, as well as extremely low dispersion, compared to conventional differential viscometers. Instruments based on the technology are particularly appropriate for UHPLC and APC applications when combined with low-volume MALS, UV, and differential refractive index detectors.


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