Mass, Size, Composition: Field-Flow Fractionation of Biomolecules and Nanoparticles plus Characterization by Light Scattering and ICP-MS

Jeff Ahlgren

Presented by: Jeffrey A. Ahlgren, Ph.D., Senior Applications Scientist, Wyatt Technology
Presented Live: October 22, 2013

Field-Flow Fractionation coupled with Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) and/or Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) detection offers several advantages not found in other fractionation and characterization techniques such as size exclusion chromatography (SEC), including absolute, standards-free analysis and the absence of a stationary phase. FFF-MALS complements SEC-MALS when multiple means of characterization are required by regulatory agencies for product identification.

More recently, the combination of FFF-MALS with ICP-MS has become important in environmental analysis and food characterization to evaluate the composition, size and number of particles present in solution. Recent technical advances include the development of hollow fiber cartridges which reduce the amount of sample required per run.

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