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SEC-MALS for the Characterization of Complex Drugs and Sugar-Protein Complexes of Immunological Importance


Presented Live: November 4, 2015 at the 24th International Light Scattering Colloquium, Santa Barbara, CA

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Glajch, Director of Analytical Development at Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Abstract: Dr. Glajch’s plenary lecture details the use of multi-angle light scattering detection (MALS) in combination with an optimized SEC separation to more adequately characterize a complex polymeric, polypeptide mixture, Glatiramer Acetate. A comparison to more standard techniques is provided to demonstrate the advantage of SEC-MALS for these measurements. In addition, the use of SEC-MALS to monitor the reactions is illustrated. This presentation also reports on the use of SEC-MALS to study the size of complexes formed between heparin and PF4, which ranged from less than 100 kDa to over 50 MDa.




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