Well-behaved or troublemaker? How high-throughput Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) boosts developability & stability of biotherapeutics

Felix Gloge

Presented by: Felix Gloge, Ph.D., and Christian Sieg, Ph.D., Waters | Wyatt Technology
Presented Live: June 13, 2023

Understanding the biophysical state, quality and properties of biopharmaceuticals is essential in product and process development. However, available material, time and resources are often limiting.

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is an industry standard technique for protein formulation, particle sizing and stability studies. This webinar will illuminate how high-throughput DLS (HT-DLS), performed in low-volume microwell plates, is used to understand aggregation as well as colloidal and thermal stability of therapeutic protein candidates and formulations. Application examples include various studies of freeze-thaw, formulation buffer screening and thermal stability.

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