How can I print reports for multiple ASTRA™ experiments simultaneously?

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The ASTRA 8 software has a convenient Batch Reporting feature that allows you to print or save multiple reports simultaneously. This streamlines outputting experiment results from a sequence run by eliminating manual steps. Here’s how you use Batch Reporting:

Step 1

Open the Batch Reporting menu by going to File | Batch Reporting.

In the Batch Reporting dialog, click the Select Experiments drop down menu at the top-right corner of the window. Here you can select the experiments from which you want to print reports.

Step 2

You can choose Experiments to pick a source from currently open experiments. Choose Open to select unopened experiments or Import (Security Pack only) to open experiments stored in a folder other than the experiment database.

Step 3

In the Selected Reports column, choose which reports to print for each selected experiment. You can also hold down the CTRL key while selecting a report to apply the selection to all the experiments in the table.

Step 4

Select the Generate Reports drop down menu. If you would like to print the selected reports to the printer designated in File→Print Setup, select Print Reports. Choose Save Reports as PDF files to save the selected reports as PDF files. If you are saving as PDF files, a save file dialog will open to prompt for the save location.


The Batch Reporting feature is available in ASTRA software 8.2 or higher.

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