2009 FFF Focus Meeting

The 2009 Eclipse FFF-MALS Focus Meeting was dedicated to the exchange of experiences between users of the Eclipse FFF system, and focused on protein, biopolymers and liposome/virus particle applications. The meeting consisted of round-table discussions, structured along different topics. For each session there was a talk given by an expert in the corresponding topic as an introduction to the general discussion.


  • Dr. Shawn Cao, Amgen Inc.
    "Characterizing Protein Aggregates with Field-Flow Fractionation"

  • Dr. Jan-Martijn Hamelink, GlaxoSmithKline
    "The Role Of AFFF in Antigen Characterization"

  • Professor Jason Unrine, University of Kentucky
    "Use of AF4-MALS-ICPMS for In Situ  Characterization of Metals and Engineered Nanomaterials in Environmental and Biological Samples"

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