2015 Focus Meeting

Method development for light scattering applications in the formulation of biotherapeutics

This one day focus meeting, held on November 5, 2015 directly after the ILSC, addressed practical issues encountered in light scattering applications to biologic and small-molecule therapeutic formulation. Guest speakers from industry as well as Wyatt scientists discussed how they meet these challenges.

Guest Speakers

Dennis Leung, Ph.D. - Merck & Co.
Principal Scientist, Discovery Pharmaceutical Sciences Group, Merck Research Laboratories

High-Throughput Tools for Optimizing Drug Nanosuspension Formulations

Dennis Leung 

Michael Marlow, Ph.D. - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Senior Staff Scientist, Biochemical and Biophysical Characterization

Challenges in Biotherapeutic Coformulation, Opportunities for Light Scattering

Michael Marlow 

Martijn Schenning, Ph.D. - Janssen
Senior Scientist, Vaccine Process and Analytical Development

Vaccine Product Characterization by AF4-MALS: Particle Size Distribution and Aggregation

Martijn Schenning