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FFF-/SEC-MALS for Protein Characterization

March 17-18
Place: Wyatt Technology Europe
Dernbach, Germany
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FFF-/SEC-MALS for Polymer Characterization

March 19-20
Place: Wyatt Technology Europe
Dernbach, Germany
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Joint seminars with Wyatt Technology

Do you conduct research in the wide field of macromolecular characterization? Would you like to present your results in front of a professional audience?

Wyatt Technology is an open to collaborating with new partners to organize seminars at companies, universities or research institutes.

Working together we can set up an engaging and inspiring seminar agenda to contain both lectures and practical sessions. In a meeting or presentation, all partners can jointly present, explain and discuss the research topics and how Wyatt instruments and the use of multi angle light scattering and dynamic light scattering are involved in the results.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, sharing experiences and developing solutions in protein and polymer characterization, please contact