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Boston Eclipse FFF User Meeting

Northeast Eclipse FFF User Meeting

Join us at the Hilton Boston/Woburn
September 24th Boston Eclipse FFF User Meeting

Northeast Eclipse FFF Registration Boston User Meeting Agenda

Wyatt's regional user meetings are a great opportunity to meet and interact with other scientists who utilize Wyatt light scattering instruments. Learn how your colleagues approach biophysical characterization, pick up some tips and tricks on method development, and spend some quality time with Wyatt staff. Registration is free for this event. Continental breakfast and lunch are provided.


Date: September 24, 2019
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: Hilton Boston/Woburn
2 Forbes Rd.
Woburn, MA 01801

Check back soon for the Agenda!

This meeting will address several advanced topics presented by Wyatt scientists including:

  • Introduction to Light Scattering
  • Field Flow Fractionation principles and applications
  • Eclipse hardware and maintenance overview
  • FFF simulation software review
  • FFF method development
  • Lab practical
Who should attend:
  • Active users of the Wyatt Eclipse instruments seeking to engage with regional colleagues around similar analytical challenges
  • New users who want to become more familiar with the practical theory and application of the technique

Registration is free. Continential breakfast and lunch are provided.

Northeast Eclipse FFF Registration

April 2019 Meeting was held in Woburn, MA

Northeast User Meeting Agenda Northeast User Meeting Agenda


April 2018 Meetings were held in Woburn, MA

Northeast User Meeting Agenda

  • Julia Deuel, Bluebird Bio
    "Biophysical Characterization of a Complex Product: Lentiviral Vector"

  • Damian Houde, Codiak Biosciences
    "Characterization of extracellular vesicles by light scattering techniques"

  • Haiying Zhang, Weill Cornell Medical College
    "Identification of a novel nanoparticle population and distinct subsets of exosomes by AF4"



April 2016 Meeting was held in Woburn, MA

Northeast User Meeting Agenda

  • Wing-Yee Fu, Momenta Pharmaceuticals
    "SEC-MALS for the Characterization of a Complex Generic Drug-Glatiramer Acetate"

  • Chris Broomell, Takeda Vaccines
    "Bringing Understanding to What's Underneath the Peak: Light Scattering's Contribution to a Well Characterized VLP Vaccine"



April 2015 Meeting was held in Woburn, MA

Northeast User Meeting Agenda

  • Elizabeth Bartlett, Immunogen
    "Investigation of Reversible Self-Association During Early Stage Development of a Low Concentration Antibody-Drug Conjugate"

  • Patricia Lowden, Eleven Therapeutics
    "Colloidal Stability of Proteins by Self-Interaction Nanoparticle Spectroscopy and Dynamic Light Scattering"

  • Allie Obermeyer, MIT
    "Light Scattering to Study the Interaction of Proteins and Polyelectrolytes"

  • Jonathan Kingsbury, Sanofi
    "Measuring Weak Interactions in Protein Solutions by Light Scattering and Sedimentation"



November 2013 Meeting was held in Woburn, MA

  • Ewa Folta-Stogniew, Yale University
    "Protein Interactions Studied by Light Scattering"

  • Nicholas Luksha, Pfizer Inc.
    "Utilization of Light Scattering Techniques as Screening Tools for Formulation Development"

  • Dominic Walsh, Brigham & Women's Hospital & Harvard Medical School
    "Alzheimer's Disease and the Amyloid β-protein – Size Matters"

  • John Champagne, Wyatt Technology
    "VLP Characterization: Molar Mass, Size, Composition, Conformation, and Interactions"

  • Dan Some, Wyatt Technology
    "CG-MALS Case Studies: 1. Hetero-association - Multi-Valent Protein-Ligand Binding, 2. Self-Association - Concentrated IgG"

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Wyatt Technology is the recognized leader in light scattering instrumentation and software for determining the absolute molar mass, size, charge and interactions of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution.

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