Featured Customer: Frederic Violleau, Ph.D.

Frederic Violleau

Frederic Violleau Ph.D., Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Toulouse, discovered Wyatt instrumentation over 15 years ago, having first been introduced to the technology using a DAWN® DSP. A few years later his lab completed their instrument suite by investing in an Eclipse system coupled with a DAWN multi-angle light scattering instrument and Optilab® RI detector. This investment made his lab one of the first French university laboratories equipped with Wyatt technology.

Some of his early research was focused on the characterization and study of the properties of macromolecules and polysaccharide, before diversification towards nanoparticles, self-assembly systems and monoclonal antibody analysis. In 2012, Violleau was a visiting researcher at the Advanced Separation Technologies Laboratory at the Colorado School of Mines, and from that experience, created the Toulouse FFF Center, a unique analytical platform in Europe, integrating all existing FFF techniques.

“The great versatility of the Eclipse system allows us to easily change the application. This allowed us to develop a large number of AF4-MALS applications for the characterization of proteins, polysaccharides and monoclonal antibodies as well as polymers, co-polymers and self-assemblies in collaboration with partner companies and laboratories. Our partnership is even stronger since we have been hosting the Wyatt France application laboratory on our premises. This collaboration allowed us to take another step in 2017 with the creation of the Toulouse FFF Center, an analytical platform dedicated to the characterization of complex mixtures by FFF techniques. Our choice for Flow FFF and light scattering techniques was Wyatt tools. The platform is now equipped with 3 AF4-UV-MALS-QELS-RI configurations from Wyatt and a DynaPro® Nanostar®. Wyatt France's services are invaluable in the control and maintenance of tools and software and in our choice of equipment evolution.”