Characterizing Critical Quality Attributes of Outer Membrane Vesicles for Conjugate Vaccines

Presented by: Robert van der Put, Ph.D., Intravacc, and Roger Scherrer, Ph.D., Wyatt Technology
Presented Live: May 23, 2023

With a size comparable to that of viruses and self-adjuvating properties, outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) represent an excellent alternative to traditional carrier proteins for conjugate vaccines. An essential aspect of developing OMVs as vaccine products is characterization with respect to size and purity. Asymmetric-flow field-flow fractionation coupled with multi-angle light scattering (AF4-MALS) is an invaluable technique for bionanoparticle analysis, with an AF4-MALS method for quantifying OMV critical quality attributes recently being published in Analytical Chemistry.

This webinar will introduce AF4-MALS and OMV, and review the validation program that was established to assess the quality attributes obtained by AF4-MALS according to the principles described in ICH Guidelines Q2 (R1).

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