Combining Size and Molar Mass Measurements of Proteins and Biomolecules Using the DynaPro NanoStar

Sigrid Kuebler

Presented by: Sigrid Kuebler, Ph.D., Director of Customer Service & Support, Wyatt Technology
Presented Live: February 18, 2010

Static and dynamic light scattering (DLS) can be used either in standalone (unfractionated, batch) mode or on-line coupled with a separation technique, such as size exclusion chromatography (SEC) or field-flow fractionation (FFF).

Topics Covered

  • Application examples for simultaneously measuring molecular size and absolute molecular weight of proteins and biomolecules using the DynaPro NanoStar
  • Analysis of thermal stability of protein solutions (protein unfolding and aggregation)
  • How to integrate DLS with MALS in a fractionation system, as well as how the resulting combined size and molar mass measurements can reveal unique insight into protein and biomolecule conformation and aggregation

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